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Climate Surveys

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Climate Surveys

Climate Surveys
Climate Surveys

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During September 8 – September 21, 2012 the Mobile County Public School System will administer climate surveys to teachers, students, parents, school site employees, and central office employees. The result of the surveys will be provided on the web and SchoolMessenger (parent notification system). The results will be analyzed by the Mobile County Public School System administration in cooperation with the University of South Alabama. A communication plan will be designed based on the data.

You will NOT be able to take the survey before September 8th or after September 21st.



·     Pre-K – 2nd Grade Form

·     Student Form - Grades 3-5


·     Teacher Form

·     School Site Employee Form (Paraprofessional, Custodial Staff etc..)


The Parent Climate Surveys will be administered through SchoolMessenger.

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