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Mentor Goes Above and Beyond
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Sunday, November 04, 2012
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This is the third year that Big Brother/Big Sister Mentor Melvin Evans has worked with 4th grader Dayshawn Knight.  When Dayshawn was transferring to Gilliard from another local elementary school this year,  Mr. Evans and Dayshawn decided they wanted to stick together.  So once Dayshawn got settled in his new surroundings, Mr. Evans says, "I followed him and we got everything set up again."

It is easy to see why they wanted to stay together.  On a recent day in the Gilliard Media Center,  it was apparent that the two have developed an easy rapport.  They were involved in a deep and interesting discussion about the  Earth.  Mr. Evans got a globe down from a shelf and the two were busy pointing out the features of our home planet.  They have been studying the solar system together.  Mr. Evans says that Dayshawn is a good student.  Besides science, the two work on reading comprehension and solve math problems.  We "do it all", say Mr. Evans.

Mr. Evans' commitment to Dayshawn and his enthusiasm for the mentoring program are evident.  They both seem to enjoy and benefit from their time together.  We are very fortunate to have community volunteers like Mr. Evans!  He is an employee of the law firm of Hand Arendall.

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