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Students Meet AR Goals
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Ms. Shropshire awards a special prize to a student who met her AR goals for all four quarters!
Ms. Shropshire awards a special prize to a student who met her AR goals for all four quarters!

Congratulations to the 145 students who met their AR goals for fourth quarter!!  They celebrated with a pizza party in the cafeteria.  Gilliard's Partner in Education Airbus provided the food for the celebration.

Ms. Vought’s third grade class  had 100% of the students meet their goal for 2 quarters in a row!!! Great job Ms. Vought’s class!

 The top classes for 4th quarter were Ms.Vought with 100%, Ms. Davis with 82%, Ms. Sizemore with 67%, Ms. Holmes with 59% and Ms. Taylor with 48%.

The top grade level was THIRD GRADE with 44% of the students meeting or exceeding their 4th quarter goal!!!!  Great job 3rd grade!

Thirty-seven students  met their goal for ALL FOUR QUARTERS!! These students received a special prize!  

What an awesome year Gilliard has had with AR.  Seventeen classes achieved MODEL CLASSROOM certification and 5 classes achieved MASTER CLASSROOM certification. Due to the 17 classes that made model or master, Reading Coach Michelle Shropshire was awarded Model Coordinator.  Teachers are  to be commended for a job well done!  They monitored their student reading, provided specific feedback and praised students' efforts.  

The following classes made MODEL classroom…

 Sizemore               O’Neal                   Davis                    Beard                    Lucy

Onderdonk            Drake                    Cain                      Harrison

Ramsay                 Holmes                  Gray                     Howell

Vought                  Morvant               Timberlake             Morrissette

The following classes made MASTER CLASSROOM…







 Information for this article was provided by Michelle Shropshire



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